B'nai B'rith Student Athlete Award

Each nominee is evaluated on his or hers athletic ability (50%), scholastic ability (25%), and school and community activities (25%).  The sports the student completes in grades 9-12 are evaluated.  Student transcripts are submitted to the Admission's Office at California State University, Fresno for evaluation of the student's grade point average as if that student was applying for admission to the university. Each nominee receives a $750.00 scholarship which is to be used to further his or her education. 

Deadlines - TBD

Checklist- Transcripts_______Two Senior Pictures_______Letter from Principal_______
Letter from nominee_______ Application_______Parents names, telephone, and address_______8 1/2 x 11 manila folder with name of student and high school_______
Imgaes for video presentation (see requirements below)_______

Student-Athlete Image Requirments- We need 30-50 good quality scans plus award certifiactes(scanned) illustrating the student's life and accomplishments, from elementary school through high school. Photos on a flash drive in .jpeg formate are preferred. Do not send individual photos. Senior yearbook pictures are very important, please include them (scanned). Newspaper articles do not reproduce well in video format, please do not include them. Please keep group photos to a minimum as the audience will not be able to recognize the nominee in a group. Please include images (scans) of extracurricular activities as well as sports activities. 
The materials provided should match, as much as possible, the narrative information contained in the student's nomination letter and personal essay. It is very important that the student information forms be completed with as much information as possible as the video presentation of each student relies upon information obtained from these forms. 

CIF Central Section Scholar-Athlete Award


The Section is seeking candidates whose academic and athletic careers have been truly exemplary; students whose personal high standards and accomplishments are a positive model for others; students who possess high levels of integrity and honesty, and who have benefited from their participation in high school interscholastic programs.



• A senior on track to graduate.

A 3.5 cumulative grade point average (weighted)

Participation in at least one varsity sport

Record of good citizenship



Two individuals (one male and one female) will receive $1000 scholarships.

Thirty-six individuals (eighteen males and eighteen females) will receive $500 scholarships and an award.

All honorees will receive a certificate of recognition.



1. Completed application form (Page 2)

2. Student Essay – Topic of Essay for 2021 is “How high school sports have taught me to be resilient”

3. Two letters of recommendation

4. Recent photograph (suitable for a program and social media posts)


Please submit all application materials by Friday, February 25, 2022, to the Athletics Office.

CIF State Scholar-Athlete of the Year

This award recognizes college-bound high school seniors whose academic and athletic careers have been truly exemplary and whose personal standards (i.e., integrity, honesty, etc.) and accomplishments are a positive model for others. Two State winners – 1 male and 1 female will each receive a $5,000 scholarship. 
Additionally, 20 Section winners will be awarded $1,000 (one male and one female in each Section).

• College-bound high school seniors 

• Possess no less than an unweighted cumulative (grades 9-12) grade point average of 3.50

• Athletic ability in at least two years of varsity play within California

• Portrayed themselves as athletes of character displaying the Six Pillars of Character


** Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we understand that the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years might have affected your athletic participation and will not impact the criteria qualifications for the 2021-22 CIF Scholar-Athlete Award

1. Application information form (page 1)
2. Academic and Athletics information form (page 2)
3. Other activities information form (page 3)
4. Essay (maximum 500 words) – Describe how you have displayed the Six Pillars of Character (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship) throughout your high school career. (page 4)
5. Student Verification Form must be signed by School Principal. (page 5)
For applications to be considered the following items must be submitted in their entirety to (you will receive an auto reply confirming your submission, no other correspondence will be monitored on this address).
Review of applications will be conducted by committees selected by the CIF. Award recipients will be notified mid-May 2021 by a telephone call and/or e-mail.
Two State winners – 1 male and 1 female will each receive a $5,000 scholarship.
20 Section winners ‒ 1 boy and 1 girl each per CIF Section ‒ will receive a $1,000 scholarship.

DEADLINES-Applications will be accepted via email until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 7, 2022.